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 Sirviente(s) del Principe

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jaegerjaquez—sexta said: -eyebrow raises-

/Casually enjoying the pampering from the Harem./

"Hey, Nari-chan, can you get me another one of those cookies please~? And Yoko-chan, it’s alright, you don’t have to massage my shoulders. I’m not that tense; though I do have to admit it feels nice… Oh, Teija-chan, my hair looks fine just the way it is. I actually fixed it this mornin—”

/Glances over to the side and sees Grimmjow standing there/



"A-Ah, Grimmjow-sama! I didn’t know you’d be stopping by my room so…early."

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    jaegerjaquez—sexta: "No, that will not be necessary, Grimmjow-sama." He replied quickly to his Master’s suggestion,...
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    "…" Grimmjow simply… observed the scene with pretty much no interest in what was his fracción excuse to this situation....